5 reasons how robot mowers can benefit School grounds and sports pitches

Are you a school bursar looking to reduce your ground maintenance costs? Perhaps you’re a school groundsman looking to replace your mowing equipment. You’ve come across robotic mowers for school grounds maintenance and are wondering if it’s a good choice.

How robot mowers can benefit School grounds and sports pitches - AMS Robotics

More importantly: How robot mowers can benefit School grounds and sports pitches

In light of AMS Robotics exhibiting at this year’s Independent Schools Bursars Association Conference (ISBA). Here are five main benefits of why schools should trade in their tractors for robotic mowers to manage their school grounds and sports pitches.


In recent years, technological advancements have made their way into various aspects of our lives, simplifying tasks and increasing efficiency. One such innovation that holds immense potential for school environments is robotic mowers. These autonomous machines offer numerous benefits and can revolutionise the way schools manage their grounds. By embracing robotic mowers, educational institutions can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide students with a safer and more appealing environment. This article explores the advantages of utilising robotic mowers in schools and highlights why this technology should be embraced by educational institutions worldwide.

1. Enhanced Efficiency

Maintaining large school grounds can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. However, robotic mowers offer a solution by significantly reducing the manual effort required. BigMow is programmed to operate autonomously, cutting grass within predefined boundaries. They navigate the terrain using advanced sensors, avoiding obstacles, and adjusting their routes as needed using GPS signals. With robotic mowers, schools can save valuable staff hours that can be redirected towards more critical tasks.

2. Cost Savings

Traditional lawn maintenance often involves expenses related to human labour, fuel, and equipment maintenance. Robotic mowers, on the other hand, are energy-efficient, using electricity instead of fossil fuels. They operate quietly and do not require constant supervision, which further reduces operational costs. While the initial investment in robotic mowers may seem significant, the long-term savings can be substantial, making them a cost-effective choice for schools.

3. Safety Benefits

Schools prioritise the safety and well-being of their students, and using robotic mowers aligns with this objective. Robotic mowers are equipped with numerous safety features, including sensors that detect obstacles and immediately shut off the blades. This minimises the risk of accidents and injuries, especially when children are present on the grounds. They can also be programmed to rest while children are on breaks, and running when they are in class and/or at night instead.

4. Environmental Sustainability

Robotic mowers have a positive environmental impact. They are emission-free, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional mowers. Additionally, these machines employ mulching technology, which finely chops the grass clippings and disperses them back onto the lawn as a natural fertiliser. This eco-friendly approach eliminates the need for chemical fertilisers, promoting a healthier and greener environment for students.

5. Noise Reduction

Traditional mowers can generate significant noise pollution, disrupting classroom activities and student concentration. Belrobotics BigMow robot lawn mowers operate quietly, minimising disturbances during school hours. By utilising this technology, schools can maintain a peaceful and conducive learning environment, free from the distractions caused by loud landscaping equipment.

6. Educational Opportunities

Introducing robotic mowers to schools opens up new educational opportunities for students. By incorporating these machines into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curricula, students can learn about robotics, programming, and automation. They can gain practical experience in maintaining and operating these devices, preparing them for future careers in technology-related fields.


BigMow robotic mower offers a range of benefits that make them a viable choice for schools looking to optimise their ground maintenance processes. With enhanced efficiency, cost savings, improved safety, environmental sustainability, noise reduction, and educational opportunities. Belrobotics autonomous mowing machines can transform how educational institutions manage their grounds. By embracing this technology, schools can allocate resources more efficiently, create a safer and more pleasant environment for students, and foster a culture of technological innovation. It’s time for schools to recognise the immense potential of robotic mowers and embrace them as valuable addition to their facilities.

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