12 best benefits of robotic mowing

Robotic mowing will benefit all types of facilities, whether this is your garden, a sports pitch, a golf club or even a public space!

Benefits of robotic mowing:

1. Time-saving

The larger space, the more time you save. Whether it’s cutting a private garden or a sports facility, you or your groundsman will be relieved of the tedious task of mowing and more time can be spent on the more important jobs.

2. No grass cuttings to collect or remove

The fine clippings produced by BigMow and ParcMow mulch and act as a natural fertilizer. This provides a money-saving opportunity if you had to pay to dispose of cuttings before.

3. Energy Savings

With 8 x lower energy costs and the need to purchase fuel eliminated are both great cost-saving factors. Did you know BigMow and ParcMow cost the same in power as running a fridge does?

12 Benefits of Robotic Mowing

4. Self charging robots

The robotic lawnmowers take themselves back to charge automatically. Both BigMow and ParcMow take their designated route back to the station, charge for an hour then proceed to continuously cut round the clock until their batteries need their next recharge.

5. Continuous daily cutting

One of the key benefits of robotic mowing is constant cutting is pivitol to a healthy lawn, as many of you are aware. BigMow RTK is able to cut an area of 50,000m2 five times per week, this makes for a healthier, denser lawn and because of the lightweight system, stress to the ground quality is completely eliminated.

6. Weed reduction

The continuous daily mowing reduces the prevalence of weeds. The tiny grass cuttings produced fertilise the ground in a 100% ecological way reducing the need for chemical treatments.

Private Garden - Benefits of Robotic Mowing

7. Lowers your carbon footprint

The robot mowers are battery-powered, producing 10 x less CO2 emissions when compared to traditional ride-on mowers.

8. Stay connected and in control

Full remote control track and trace on all Belrobotics models, you know exactly where and what your robot lawn mower is doing. You are also able to remotely control your robotic lawn mower via a web portal and mobile app.

9. Quiet operation

No noise pollution from loud engines, you can hardly hear a robotic lawn mower working. BigMow and ParcMow are virtually silent.

10. Mowing at night

The area can be cut during the night. This is especially useful for sports pitches that have a game on during the day.

Football Sports Pitch - Benefits of Robotic Mowing

11. Works rain or shine

The Belrobotics BigMow and ParcMow will cut whatever the weather, rain or shine… I think we will let him have a day off if it snows!

12. Cost Savings

Labour and maintenance can provide cost savings of up to 50% when compared to a ride on mower.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of robotic mowing make them the perfect addition to any groundsman, turf care team, greenkeeper or green care company. Let the Belrobotics large-format robot mowers work continuously to produce carpet-like turf, while you focus on other important turf care tasks. Get added peace of mind with our service and support plans, ensuring your BigMow / ParcMow is well taken care of.